• 30 BP petrol stations refurbished in Portugal

    BP Portugal

    2008 - Vicom4® Outdoor has been selected by BP Portugal and BP Global Aliance to carry out the 2008 refurbishment program on 30 BP Petrol stations across Portugal.

  • 4 Shell petrol stations refreshed in Germany

    Shell Germany

    2011 - Shell contracted Vicom4® Outdoor for refurbishing 4 Shell petrol stations in Germany. The refurbishment of these sites have been completed at the end of November.

  • Aqumen Freight Management

    Aqumen Freight Management

    Company name: Aqumen Freight Management
    Address: Unit 8 The Interchange
    ZIP code: BR8 8TE
    City: Swanley, Kent
    Country: United Kingdom
    Phone: +44 (0) 132 266 4008
    Fax: +44 (0) 132 266 5716

    Active in: United Kingdom

  • BP

    BP’s corporate identity and retail brand standards are reflected in the signage on their forecourts. It tells their customers who they are and what they do. It is therefore logical that BP always wants to look at its very best.

  • BP continues European Purchase Agreement with Vicom4® Outdoor for the 5th year.

    2013 - BP International Ltd., one of the world's leading international oil and gas companies, continues the European Purchase Agreement with Vicom® Outdoor for the refurbishment of BP petrol stations with the HQ-concept in Europe for the 5th year.  

  • Caltex

    Caltex is one of the top four petroleum brands in South Africa. Because of its climate, the forecourt signage of Caltex suffered from UV-light which affected the corporate appearance.  

  • First BP petrol station refurbished in Vienna, Austria

    BP Austria refurbishment

    2009 -Vicom4® Outdoor and Austrian partner WIS Werbesysteme recently carried out the first HQ-refurbishment activities for BP in Austria. The first refreshed petrol station was situated in Vienna.

  • Gulf

    Gulf refurbishment

    The fascia panels of the head office of Gulf The Netherlands, situated in Harderwijk, were severely faded. Instead of replacing these panels, Gulf chose for a refurbishment by Vicom4® Outdoor.

  • HQ-concept introduced at SKM in Singapore

    2012 - Together with Shell, Vicom4® Outdoor introduced the HQ-concept to Sinclair Knight Merz and their operational partners through a live demonstration in Singapore.

  • Manaseer

    Manaseer pylon

    Jordan Modern Oil & Fuel Services Company,  a subsidiary of the Manaseer Group in Jordan, petrol stations across the main cities of Jordan.

  • McDonalds

    McDonalds Restaurant

    Vicom4® Outdoor has carried out refurbishments for McDonalds in New Zealand since 2013.

  • Q8

    Q8 petrol station

    Vicom4® Outdoor refurbished over 300 Q8 petrol stations for Q8 Italy, starting in 2007.

  • Rebranding refurbishment program for Q8-easy

    Q8 easy Italy
    2008 / 2009 - Kuwait Petroleum Italia (KUPIT) decided to initiate a rebranding program for 60 Q8-easy petrol stations across Italy mid 2008. The Vicom4® Outdoor HQ-concept was selected to change all blue elements into silver grey.
  • Sheetz

    Sheetz price sign

    The HQ-activities for Sheetz started in June, 2014 with training the HQ-application team on site at Sheetz in Bedford.

  • Shell


    Vicom4® Outdoor is approved Shell Supplier/Contractor Worldwide since 2011.

  • Tesco

    Tesco petrol station

    Vicom4® Outdoor was selected to take care of the refurbishment of a Tesco Petrol station in the United Kingdom in 2013.

  • Vicom4® Outdoor - "The real thing" for outdoor surface cleaning and sign renovation

    Vicom4 Outdoor in Petrol Plaza

    2012 - A glass of Coke Cola has been known to bring the shine back to an aging penny when it is dropped into the bubbling fizz for 10 minutes, the connection between a well known drink brand and renovating signage seems remote to say the least, but actually it's quite simple. Vicom4® Outdoor, an outdoor cleaning specialist based in The Netherlands, has also developed a special formula which many would like to replicate and just like Coke Cola, it is the cornerstone of their business concept.

  • Vicom4® Outdoor on the move for Total Kenya

    Total Kenya

    2012 - Total Kenya choose for the HQ-concept after a successful refurbishment pilot in 2011. As follow up, Vicom4® OUtdoor refreshed the Utalii TSS station in Nairobi.

  • Vicom4® Outdoor present in Togo, West Africa

    Shell Togo HQ-training

    2011 - Shell contracted Vicom4® Outdoor for the refurbishment of 12 Shell locations in Lome, Togo. The refurbishment program is scheduled to be completed at the end of this year.

  • Vicom4® Outdoor receives BP refurbishment contract for 30 petrol stations in the Netherland

    Refurbishmed BP petrol station

    2014 - Vicom4® Outdoor, international on site signage and building refurbishment specialist received a contract to refurbish 30 BP petrol stations across the Netherlands.

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