Vicom4® Outdoor successfully trained the HQ-team at Sheetz

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2014 - Vicom4® Outdoor successfully trained the HQ-application team at Sheetz, a 24/7/365 convenience and petrol station chain with nearly 500 sites spread over 6 states across the USA, in June 2014.

On the first day, after the theoretical education, the team which consists of 9 members, went outside to practice the complete HQ-working procedures on a test panel. After taking the measurements, the panel was cleaned with HQ-Enviclean. Once clean, it was ready to be treated with HQ-Transparent. The team was very positive about the difference between before and after, especially because the test panel was black.
Measuring the test panel at Sheetz

Thoroughly cleaning the signage elements

Because applying the products on site is the ultimate goal, the team moved to a Sheetz site in Bedford, Pennsylvania on the second day. After a profound site inspection, the team was ready to start. Because the objects were severely affected by weather and pollution, all surfaces needed to be cleaned thoroughly.Applying the products at Sheetz.

A complete make-over for Sheetz Bedford

The team continued their training in Bedford on the third day at 7 am sharp. This time, applying the HQ-coating products was the centre of attention. Before starting the application, taking measurements was necessary to determine if the circumstances were correct. Luckily, the circumstances were good and the team was divided in pairs for safety. The canopy was treated top-down and received a complete make-over, just as the pillars. Because the surfaces were severely damaged by pollution, HQ-Colour was used. During rush hour, the team avoided the shop to make sure customers weren’t inconvenienced.

On the last day, the remaining objects were treated such as the price sign, columns and pilars. When finished, the results were entered into the Web portal and shared with the Sheetz Head Office.

“The team was very enthusiastic! They were really motivated and showed initiative. Because of their hands on mentality, the training can be described as a success, just as the final results on site. As Vicom4® Outdoor, we are proud on both the visible refurbishment results as the measurement results and love to continue our work with Sheetz in the nearby feature.” Said Richard van der Wijngaart, Product Manager at Vicom4® Outdoor.