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Shell Togo HQ-training

2011 - Shell contracted Vicom4® Outdoor for the refurbishment of 12 Shell locations in Lome, Togo. The refurbishment program is scheduled to be completed at the end of this year.

To carry out the HQ-activities according to the HQ-standards, Vicom4® Outdoor went to Lome and gave the HQ-training to the by Shell selected local contractors.

On the first day of the HQ-training, the 20 participants learned the theoretics and applied the HQ-products on test panels.  On the second day, the attendees of the HQ-training continued the training by refurbishing the Shell petrol station Adidogome in Lome.

The HQ-activities included not only the refurbishment of the Shell corporate identity elements. The whole station, including the concrete surrounding walls, interior and exterior of the shop as well as the storage facilities and ceilings received a HQ-treatment.

An impression of the results:

Shell Togo Refurbishment