Latest news and press releases

Latest news and press releases of Vicom4® Outdoor

Vicom4 Outdoor in Petrol Plaza

2012 - A glass of Coke Cola has been known to bring the shine back to an aging penny when it is dropped into the bubbling fizz for 10 minutes, the connection between a well known drink brand and renovating signage seems remote to say the least, but actually it's quite simple. Vicom4® Outdoor, an outdoor cleaning specialist based in The Netherlands, has also developed a special formula which many would like to replicate and just like Coke Cola, it is the cornerstone of their business concept.

Shell Togo HQ-training

2011 - Shell contracted Vicom4® Outdoor for the refurbishment of 12 Shell locations in Lome, Togo. The refurbishment program is scheduled to be completed at the end of this year.

Refurbishment Bosch Car Service

2010 - Bosch Germany in Stuttgart chose the Vicom4® Outdoor HQ-concept for the cleaning and coating of the Corporate Identity elements at a large number of Car Service sites in Germany.

Q8 easy Italy

2008 / 2009 - Kuwait Petroleum Italia (KUPIT) decided to initiate a rebranding program for 60 Q8-easy petrol stations across Italy mid 2008. The Vicom4® Outdoor HQ-concept was selected to change all blue elements into silver grey.