Vicom4® Outdoor goes “Down Under” with 2 exclusive partnerships

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Vicom4 Outdoor Australia and New Zealand

2013 - Vicom4® Outdoor announces the exclusive partnership of Vicom4® Outdoor Ltd in New Zealand and Vicom4® Outdoor Pty Ltd in Australia for performing the HQ-concept activities in Australia and New Zealand. This means these Companies have exclusive rights to the Vicom4® Outdoor HQ-concept in both countries.

The two companies have been set up specifically to perform HQ-activities in Australasia. The three Company Directors, Rob Friend, Kyle Pennell & Jeffrey de Varga have 50 plus years combined experience in the signage industry, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the partnership.

Dennis Clements, Managing Director of Vicom4® Outdoor: “We are glad to extend the HQ-activities to New Zealand and Australia with Vicom4® Outdoor Ltd and Vicom4® Outdoor Pty Ltd. Together, we have the experience and reach to perform the HQ-activities in both countries and refurbishments of BP petrol stations in New Zealand have already been started.”  

Jeffrey de Varga, Managing Director Vicom4® Outdoor Pty Ltd & Vicom4® Outdoor Ltd: “We are very excited and pleased to become the Australasian partners performing the HQ-concept activities in Australia and New Zealand. We look forward to working closely with Vicom4® Outdoor and a mutually prosperous future”.