BP continues European Purchase Agreement with Vicom4® Outdoor for the 5th year.

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2013 - BP International Ltd., one of the world's leading international oil and gas companies, continues the European Purchase Agreement with Vicom® Outdoor for the refurbishment of BP petrol stations with the HQ-concept in Europe for the 5th year.  

“We are very pleased to see that the Vicom4® Outdoor HQ-concept is used more and more by BP and it shows that the HQ-concept is proven.”, said Dennis Clements, Managing Director of Vicom4® Outdoor.

Anthony Degenaar, Sales Director of Vicom4® Outdoor: “The continuing of the EPA with BP for the 5th year, is a great and unique event for Vicom4® Outdoor. With the renewed EPA , Vicom4® Outdoor is continuing the refurbishment of the BP petrol stations in Europe. Moreover, we are expanding the HQ-activities for BP worldwide and started in 2012 with the refurbishment of petrol stations in New Zealand and South Africa.”