Procedures - Quality assurance

The application of the HQ-products Signage requires a specific working method to ensure a long term high quality result.

The HQ-working procedures

Each step, from the preparation to the actual application, is described within the HQ-working procedures. The HQ-working procedures describe also specific product information such as the suitable surfaces, mixing ratios, processing times and the prescribed desired result.

Knowledge database

The HQ-working procedures are regularly evaluated based on the experiences of our partners, which are spread over 32 countries. Thanks to this dispersion, Vicom4® Outdoor acquired a broad knowledge of the possible risks and special points of interest during the application. Vicom4® Outdoor shares knowledge, experiences, tips and tricks periodically with all partners through the online database and by newsletters.

To measure is to know

Taking measurements on a regular basis is essential when performing the HQ-working procedures. These measurements identify as well the environmental circumstances, surface condition as the difference between before and after the application. In this way, the result is not only visible qualitative, but also quantitative.

Measurement instruments

The instruments which are required to carry out the measurements are described within the HQ-working procedures. The measurement instruments are available in an easy to carry and solid flight case: the HQ-Test kit.