Real estate Refurbishment

Certainly less maintenance with our results-oriented refurbishment solution for real estate

Buildings and houses last longer if they are good looking and in good condition. These factors also have a positive influence on the immediate surroundings of real estate: it improves the quality of life, sense of security and even a person’s mood. Maintenance is important to keep an environment positive and liveable. With an average lifespan of 25 to 50 years, a regular maintenance job is required which makes a recurring, labour, plan and cost intensive post. With Vicom4® Outdoor, real estate requires less maintenance thanks to our turnkey, durable and results-oriented solution: HQ-concept Real estate.

Real estate Refurbishment: For the best, most durable quality of real estate

Old and faded façade elements receive a second life through the HQ-concept. Treated surfaces look new again permanently and become even better than new with our own unique line of Thin Film Technology based real estate refurbishment coatings with a lifespan of 30+ years. Colour and gloss remains preserved which means that both the appearance and condition are ensured, with 10 year guarantee according to the test reports. Moreover, the treated surface requires less future maintenance and the lifespan increases, which results in a better quality of real estate.

Facade Refurbishment before - after

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HQ-concept Real estate improves the value and liveability of real estateHQ-concept Real estate improves the value, liveability and sense of security

Vicom4® Outdoor ensures a long lasting preservation of as well the condition as appearance of the treated façades, which increases the lifespan of real estate. Besides, the HQ-concept positively influences the value, liveability and the direct surroundings. Moreover:

  • Real estate becomes more attractive to tenants and buyers.
  • Less maintenance ensures less inconvenience.
  • People are happier in a good looking, neat and well maintained environment.
  • Employees work more efficient in buildings which are well maintained.
  • A good appearance improves the sense of security.

Common use of HQ-concept Real estate

HQ-concept Real estate stands for the best and most durable quality of real estate

The HQ-concept

About the HQ-concept

The HQ-concept is the standard for performing the real estate refurbishment projects

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With our experience and high quality standards, we have improved the quality of various façade elements

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HQ-concept application

About the application

Real estate Refurbishment will be performed by our HQ-product line, suitable for a wide range of surfaces

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The HQ-concept Real estate

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