Blogs about signage and real estate and the effect on their surroundings

Signage shopping street

We all know large shopping streets with loads of signage and advertisements. Unknowingly, these signs have a large influence on the behaviour and opinion of (potential) customers and the way they make their choice to visit or not. The choice to go in or not is based on a range of influential factors.

The effect of signage on a business

Facts about signage

1. People are visually and aesthetic minded

People are visually minded and like pretty things, this also can be said for signage and the look of your store and products. In fact, research shows that, 93% of customers buy based on visual factors and judge an environment within 90 seconds of initial viewing. Moreover, 52% of the shoppers does not return because the overall appearance is not attracting enough.

2. Good looking signage attracts more than when faded and dirty

According to this report, 52% of the consumers avoid a store because it is looking dirty from the outside. This means that there’s a significant difference in customer behaviour based on having dirty or a clean appearance. Signage is yet so important, that it is responsible for at least half the amount of your customers.

3. Good looking signage creates brand awareness and supports your identity

Signage enhances brand recognition and awareness. It is therefore an excellent tool to keep your brand visible and stay within people’s minds, because 66% says that brand appearance is important. It also supports the identity of your company, because it carries out your brands promise and corporate design.

Signage guides customers to your store

4. Good looking signage guides customers to your store

Without signs, it is hard to know for (potential) customers where your store is and what it offers. When situated within a busy shopping street, having clear and visible signage is utmost important to guide customers to your store.

5. Good looking signage distinguishes you from competitors

The visual appearance of signage can make a difference between you and your competitors. Signage represents the ambience of your company and colour plays a large role within. Each colour has its own (unconscious) effect and meaning. If for example your main colour is blue, your company will be seen as trustworthy and responsible. If your competitor uses an other main colour, it sends a different message which influences the decision making process of (potential) customers.

6. Good looking signage improves the customers experience

Signage can make the life of customers a lot easier and very useful for enhancing navigation to and within your store, shorten cash desk queues, presenting the latest (customised) special offers or let customers discover new products.  Last but not least, it creates experiences which makes your store more fun, exiting or surprising.