Products - Own unique line of durable, protective real estate coatings

The HQ-concept is carried out by Vicom4® Outdoor’s own unique line of protective HQ-coatings which are specially developed for a durable refurbishment of façade elements. In addition to the HQ-coating line, Vicom4® Outdoor also offers additional cleaning products to prepare the surface.

All HQ-coatings are based on Thin Film Technology

The durable HQ-coating line is developed on the principle of Thin Film Technology, which means that less coating is required to achieve a high efficiency. An additional advantage is that all HQ-coatings are self-levelling: The HQ-coating becomes smooth automatically with an equal result.

Extremely durable and highly resistant to harmful influences

The Vicom4® Outdoor protective HQ-coatings are extremely durable: research and experience show that all coatings have an average lifespan of 30+ years. During this lifespan, the Thin Film Technology seals the surface and protects it against harmful influences such as weather, dirt, salt, sand and UV light. Furthermore, the HQ-coating is chemically and corrosion resistant. It is also an anti-graffiti coating and because dirt can’t attach, the surface is easy to clean and low on maintenance.

All HQ-coatings have an excellent adhesion and colour and gloss remains preserved the whole lifespan thanks to the unique UV block and filter system. A treatment with the HQ-coating therefore ensures a stable and long lasting result.

HQ-coating Real estateHQ-concept products Rolling Quality Real Estate

The HQ-concept Rolling Quality (RQ) Real estate line contains HQ-coatings and additional cleaning products for the refurbishment of façade elements. Applicable by brush or roller, the self-levelling HQ-coating offers a comparable quality of a sprayed surface. The following types of HQ-coatings are available:

  • HQ-Colour SB RQ Real estate A 2 component colour coating system suitable for giving old and faded façade elements a complete new look.
  • HQ-Transparent SB RQ Real estate A 2 component clear coat system which revives the present colour pigments of old and faded façade elements.

HQ-coating SB RQ Real estate is suitable for application on acrylic, aluminium, pvc/grp, plastic, polycarbonate, steel and Trespa® surfaces.