New signage requires less future maintenance

Long term protection for new signage

When manufactured, a sign receives a coloured paint or powder coated finish. Though brand new, it still fades over time by UV light and requires a high average maintenance schedule, due to weather influences and dirt. To preserve the appearance of new signage, Vicom4® Outdoor offers the ultimate solution: HQ-concept Spraying Quality (SQ) for new signage.

New signage requires less future maintenance

HQ-concept for new signage is carried out by the HQ-coating Spray Quality line which is specially developed for application during the manufacturing process of new signage.

The HQ-coating Spraying Quality line has the same characteristics as the HQ-coating Rolling Quality line: It is based on Thin Film Technology, seals the surface and protects it against harmful influences, with a lifespan of up to 30+ years and a 10 year guarantee. Dirt can’t attach to the surface which makes it easy to clean and moreover low on maintenance. The UV block and filter system also protects colour and gloss and prevents fading over time.

Spraying new signage

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With HQ-concept for new signage, a new sign stays new permanently