Proof of the HQ-concept

Case study: Coated signage elements on Shell petrol stations, lasts more than 10 years

In 2001, 200 Shell petrol stations in the Netherlands were cleaned and coated with HQ-Transparent on a turnkey base according to the HQ-concept.

Shell logo refurbished Shell saved up to 80% in the Total Cost of Ownership

The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) was calculated and the total costs of the renovation by Vicom4® Outdoor versus a total replacement, saved Shell over 80% on their investment.

The results 10 years after the HQ-concept refurbishment activities

10 Years after completing the project, Shell conducted a comprehensive audit with the following results:

  • A minimal degradation of colour and gloss, which was not visible with the human eye.
  • A reduction in the cleaning frequency by 66%.
  • A reduction in the cleaning time by 25%.

Vicom4® Outdoor versus replacing signage

In 2012, Shell photographed this price sign. This photo shows that the in 2001 HQ-treated surfaces are still looking new. On the contrary, the two V-Power panels which were replaced in 2007 and therefore untreated, were completely faded. 

The HQ-coatings are tested on durability, resistance and adhesionTest Reports

The Vicom4® Outdoor HQ-coatings are extensively tested on durability, resistance and adhesion by three leading international institutes: AAMA (Florida, USA), TUV (Italy) and IFO (Germany). To ensure the highest quality possible, the HQ-coatings are continuously tested on colour and gloss retention through Q-UV and salt spray tests.

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