Q8 petrol station


Vicom4® Outdoor refurbished over 300 Q8 petrol stations for Q8 Italy, starting in 2007.

The first refurbished petrol station was one of the most maintenance sensitive petrol stations in Sicilia, located near the sea. This petrol station suffered from UV, salt and sand impacts, which completely faded the signage. Therefore, this petrol station required a maintenance job every year instead of the average once in 3 years. 1.5 Year after the refurbishment took place, the Q8-staff visited this petrol station and it still looked fresh.

Vicom4® Outdoor also carried out the rebranding program for 60 Q8-easy petrol stations which started mid-2008. Instead of replacing the old corporate design elements with new panels, Q8 choose for the HQ-concept to change the visual appearance.

Panels which fit within the new design of Q8 easy, such as the fascia, columns and pump units have been recoloured and were transformed from dark blue to silver grey