Signage Refurbishment

Save up to 80% in the Total Cost Ownership with signage refurbishment by Vicom4® Outdoor

Signage is an excellent tool to enhance brand visibility and experience. It tells customers who you are and where to find you. Signage is yet so important, that it is responsible for at least 50% of the customers. Keeping signage in top condition is therefore key in attracting (new) customers and generating sales. Over time, influences such as weather, pollution, salt, sand and UV light are affecting signage, causing colour and gloss to fade and corrosion to show. With Vicom4® Outdoor, faded and decayed signage becomes history, thanks to our turnkey and on site solution for signage refurbishment: The HQ-concept Signage.

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Saves up to 80% in the Total Cost of OwnershipSignage Refurbishment saves up to 80% in the TCO

The unique Vicom4® Outdoor approach saves up to 80% in the Total Cost of Ownership, compared to replacing an entire sign. Furthermore, the HQ concept is recognized as Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) under the regulations of US GAAP (United States) / IFRS (Europe) due to the proven 10 year guarantee and 30+ years lifespan.

Reduction in maintenance time and frequencySignage Refurbishment saves in maintenance

The Thin Film Technology Signage Refurbishment coatings seal the surface and prevents dirt to attach, making the signage easy to clean which saves up to 25% in cleaning time. Moreover, harmful influences cannot affect the surface resulting in a maintenance frequency reduction of up to 66%.

Common use of HQ-concept Signage

With HQ-concept Signage Refurbishment, a brand remains visible and looks more inviting to (potential) customers, which increases sales and customer satisfaction

The HQ-concept

About the HQ-concept

The HQ-concept is the standard for performing the signage refurbishment projects

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With our experience and high quality standards, we have been trusted by a wide range of global known brands

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HQ-concept application

About the application

Signage Refurbishment will be performed by our own unique line of HQ-products, suitable for a wide range of surfaces

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The HQ-concept Signage

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