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Refurbishment by Vicom4 OutdoorAbout Vicom4® Outdoor

Signage and real estate reflects the image of its owner. To maintain a positive image, keeping these outdoor surfaces in top condition is highly important. Due to harmful influences, the appearance and condition of these surfaces are regularly challenged and require maintenance, which is recurring, labour, plan and cost-intensive.

Vicom4® Outdoor aims to preserve your outdoor corporate appearance by offering turnkey, durable, cost saving and results-oriented refurbishment solutions for signage and real estate.

Our mission

Vicom4® Outdoor believes that the world is a nicer place to live in, with well preserved and good looking outdoor surfaces. People are aesthetic minded and feel better when they are in a visually attractive environment. By making old and faded surfaces better than new, we create and maintain a visually attractive environment, which has a positive effect on the liveability and benefits our customers and their brand experience.

The best quality of signage and real estateFor the best quality of signage and real estate

Surfaces treated by Vicom4® Outdoor receive an even better than new look with a long lasting protection. Colour (and gloss) remains preserved and the surface is easier to clean which results in less maintenance and an increased lifespan. The Vicom4® Outdoor turnkey solutions are therefore extremely durable and environmentally friendly. All, with a significant reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership.

With Vicom4® Outdoor, a permanently preserved, positive appearance of
signage and real estate becomes a certainty

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