Rejuvenate, Restore, Recycle - The New Moto by Xmo Strata

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Xmo Strata

2008 - UK Sign maintenance company Xmo Strata is set to restore signage on Moto sites nationwide using a revolutionary sign refurbishment system, the HQ-concept.

Specialist engineers visited 19 Moto sites over a six-week period, to restore ageing signage to its original condition. The Vicom4® Outdoor HQ system restores the colour of the original sign, provides UV protection and offers a 10 year warranty.

The company says that Vicom4® Outdoor HQ, which is entirely new to the UK, is a significant a dvance on existing sign refurbishment systems.

“Vicom HQ offers a cost-effective and efficient method of maintaining a strong brand image without the need to re-sign entire sites,” said Steve Martin,Managing Director, Xmo Strata. “Moto understands the commercial repercussions caused by aesthetically poor signage and recognises that Vicom4® Outdoor HQ is ideal for retail chains needing a face-lift on multiple sites. Application can be completed while premises remain fully operational.”

Tests show that the colour change on a Vicom HQ treated sign is so minute, that after 10 years it is still not visible to the human eye. In comparison, regular polyurethane signs show noticeable colour variation s in less than five years. Xmo Strata holds exclusive rights to this product in the UK, making it the only sign maintenance company able to offer this unique service.