Brand new look for rollercoaster in Walibi

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Walibi rollercoaster

2010 - Walibi Holland is a large dutch amusement park with over 40 attactions. One of these attactions was the rollercoaster La Via Volta. Vicom4® Outdoor gave La Via Volta a complete make-over.

In 2007, Walibi decided to close La Via Volta. However, La Via Volta was closed, the rollercoaster with the original blue, orange and yellow colours stayed unused in the park for over 3 years until Walibi decided to revive the ride.

Vicom4® Outdoor helped Walibi reviving the rollercoaster by turning the original colours into purple and orange with a Makeover refurbishment. After the refurbishment was completed, the rollercoaster, now called the Speed of Sound, is up and running again.

An impression of the results: