Real estate

  • DGR-ABC Vastgoedonderhoud

    DGR-ABC Vastgoedonderhoud

    Company name: DGR-ABC Vastgoedonderhoud
    Address: Tauber 17
    ZIP code: 2491 DB
    City: Den Haag
    Country: The Netherlands
    Phone: +31 (0)70 327 87 87
    Fax: +31 (0)70 372 58 45

    Active in: The Netherlands

  • DGR-ABC Vastgoedonderhoud renovated its office and the Achmea Insurance building in the Netherlands

    DGR-ABC - Vicom4 Outdoor partner

    2014 - Vicom4® Outdoor recently partnered real estate maintenance company DGR-ABC Vastgoedonderhoud, to perform Building Refurbishment activities within the Netherlands.

  • Diamant Toren

    Diamant toren Tilburg

    Vicom4® Outdoor refurbished the 52 meter high Diamant Tower in Tilburg, the Netherlands, in 2012.

  • G&K Schilder- en onderhoudswerken B.V.

    G&K Schilder- en onderhoudswerken B.V.

    Company name: G&K Schilder- en onderhoudswerken B.V.
    Address: Doctor Dreeslaan 18
    ZIP code: 5707 KD
    City: Helmond
    Country: The Netherlands
    Phone: +31 (0)492 528 054
    Fax: +31 (0)492 529 298

    Active in: The Netherlands

  • HDI Insurance Building

    HDI Insurance Building

    The insurance company HDI in Germany decided to refurbish the complete façade of their head office, which contained a surface with the size of about 5000 sqm, and an office in Bielefeld.

  • Partners

    A strong relationship with real estate owners

    Providing a results-oriented and durable solution for the refurbishment of façades is only valuable, if a long term relationship with the owner is established. By working together with all parties during the whole project process, eliminating premature risks and by evaluating the project, Vicom4® Outdoor offers a high quality and durable result.

    Collaboration with trained and certified local partners

    Vicom4® Outdoor works solely with trained and certified local partners to ensure the quality of the work done according to the HQ-concept. To support our partners, Vicom4® Outdoor developed the HQ-partner program. This comprehensive program provides partners the resources, knowledge and support needed for successfully completing projects and to let their business grow. Find out how your business can grow with Vicom4® Outdoor.



  • Police station

    Police station Engelen

    In 2010, Vicom4® Outdoor refreshed the police station in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.

  • Police station renewed in the Netherlands

    Police station Engelen

    2010 - After the installation, 7 years ago, the metal surfaces of the police station building in Engelen, the Netherlands, were completely chalked and faded.

  • Portal

    Automatic quality check

    Within the Web portal, partners fill in the project results through online forms, which automatically check if the measurement results are according to the Vicom4® Outdoor defined quality standards.

    Supervision and feedback

    All projects in the Web portal are under strict supervision by Vicom4® Outdoor: each project is reviewed and the partner receives feedback directly.

    Freestanding Web portal for customers

    Once completed, the projects are released and directly visible by the project related customer. Each customer receives their own freestanding Web portal where they can view the results, generate reports and manage users on local or global level.

  • Procedures

    The HQ-working procedures

    Each step, from the preparation to the actual application, is described within the HQ-working procedures. The HQ-working procedures describe also specific product information such as the suitable surfaces, mixing ratios, processing times and the prescribed desired result.

    Knowledge database

    The HQ-working procedures are regularly evaluated based on the experiences of our partners, which are spread over 32 countries. Thanks to this dispersion, Vicom4® Outdoor acquired a broad knowledge of the possible risks and special points of interest during the application. Vicom4® Outdoor shares knowledge, experiences, tips and tricks periodically with all partners through the online database and by newsletters.

    To measure is to know

    Taking measurements on a regular basis is essential when performing the HQ-working procedures. These measurements identify as well the environmental circumstances, surface condition as the difference between before and after the application. In this way, the result is not only visible qualitative, but also quantitative.

    Measurement instruments

    The instruments which are required to carry out the measurements are described within the HQ-working procedures. The measurement instruments are available in an easy to carry and solid flight case: the HQ-Test kit.

  • Products

    All HQ-coatings are based on Thin Film Technology

    The durable HQ-coating line is developed on the principle of Thin Film Technology, which means that less coating is required to achieve a high efficiency. An additional advantage is that all HQ-coatings are self-levelling: The HQ-coating becomes smooth automatically with an equal result.

    Extremely durable and highly resistant to harmful influences

    The Vicom4® Outdoor protective HQ-coatings are extremely durable: research and experience show that all coatings have an average lifespan of 30+ years. During this lifespan, the Thin Film Technology seals the surface and protects it against harmful influences such as weather, dirt, salt, sand and UV light. Furthermore, the HQ-coating is chemically and corrosion resistant. It is also an anti-graffiti coating and because dirt can’t attach, the surface is easy to clean and low on maintenance.

    All HQ-coatings have an excellent adhesion and colour and gloss remains preserved the whole lifespan thanks to the unique UV block and filter system. A treatment with the HQ-coating therefore ensures a stable and long lasting result.

    HQ-coating Real estateHQ-concept products Rolling Quality Real Estate

    The HQ-concept Rolling Quality (RQ) Real estate line contains HQ-coatings and additional cleaning products for the refurbishment of façade elements. Applicable by brush or roller, the self-levelling HQ-coating offers a comparable quality of a sprayed surface. The following types of HQ-coatings are available:

    • HQ-Colour SB RQ Real estate A 2 component colour coating system suitable for giving old and faded façade elements a complete new look.
    • HQ-Transparent SB RQ Real estate A 2 component clear coat system which revives the present colour pigments of old and faded façade elements.

    HQ-coating SB RQ Real estate is suitable for application on acrylic, aluminium, pvc/grp, plastic, polycarbonate, steel and Trespa® surfaces.

  • Real estate Refurbishment

    Real estate Refurbishment: For the best, most durable quality of real estate

    Old and faded façade elements receive a second life through the HQ-concept. Treated surfaces look new again permanently and become even better than new with our own unique line of Thin Film Technology based real estate refurbishment coatings with a lifespan of 30+ years. Colour and gloss remains preserved which means that both the appearance and condition are ensured, with 10 year guarantee according to the test reports. Moreover, the treated surface requires less future maintenance and the lifespan increases, which results in a better quality of real estate.

    Facade Refurbishment before - after

  • Refurbishment of HDI insurance buildings in Germany

    HDI Insurance Building

    2011 - The insurance company HDI in Germany decided to refurbish the complete façade of their head office, which contained a building surface of about 5000 sqm, and an office in Bielefeld with Vicom4® Outdoor.

  • Schuitema Distribution Centre

    Schuitema Distribution Center

    The Schuitema Distribution Center in Breda, the Netherlands, was treated by Vicom4® Outdoor in 2007.

  • The effect of physical factors on the liveability of an environment


    Do people feel themselves more safe and happy in good looking, well maintained environments? This question keeps researches busy for many years. Which factors are key within this question? What is liveability exactly and how can it be accomplished?