DGR-ABC Vastgoedonderhoud renovated its office and the Achmea Insurance building in the Netherlands

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DGR-ABC - Vicom4 Outdoor partner

2014 - Vicom4® Outdoor recently partnered real estate maintenance company DGR-ABC Vastgoedonderhoud, to perform Building Refurbishment activities within the Netherlands.

The recently trained HQ-application team of DGR-ABC Vastgoedonderhoud consists of  members who are all experienced in building maintenance. The teams first refurbishment activity was during the HQ-training by treating their own office building in The Hague. As well the window frames as warehouse entrances were severely faded over the past years and thanks to the team, are now looking like new again.
Renovating door

"We’ve experienced the HQ-training as very pleasant. The contents of the training were really useful and the pilot refurbishment on our office building during the training went smooth.” Said Joop de Jong, Director of DGR-ACB Vastgoedonderhoud.

Refurbishment of Achmea

As follow up of the training, the HQ-team started with the refurbishment of the Achmea Insurance Building in Leiden. The red façade panels which were completely faded by influence of the weather, received a refurbishment with HQ-Colour. Joop: “Thanks to the training, we were able to offer Achmea the Vicom4® Outdoor treatment. The project goes according to plan and the results were stunning!”