Exclusive partnership with VLight in Poland

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2013 - Vicom4® Outdoor announces an exclusive partnership with VLight, producer and distributor of LED solutions, for performing the HQ-concept activities in Poland.

With this exclusive partnership, VLight will perform the HQ-activities as Vicom4® Outdoor Poland and will be the only supplier in this country. “We are very pleased to have VLight as our exclusive partner in Poland. With their experience in the industry, their network in East Europe and a large diversity of (A-brand) customers, we have the opportunity not only to expand the HQ-activities in range, but also to serve new markets.” said Anthony Degenaar, Sales Director of Vicom4® Outdoor. “To promote our partnership, we are going to be present at the XX International Petrol Station 2013 fair with Vlight in Warsaw.”

Marcin Czajkowski, Sales Director of VLight: “Being a supplier of LED lighting solutions and price displays, we have built a vast network of customers in the industry. Therefore, we have decided to broaden the offer and Vicom4® Outdoor proved to be a great option. There is a huge market for the renovation services in Poland, whereas there is no other company that offers such. We strongly believe that the Vicom4® Outdoor HQ-concept will find its way to gain the trust among the Polish clients, and we are happy that the opportunity of being a part of this process has been given to us.”