The ISA group meets the HQ-concept

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ISA Group Praha

2008 - Vicom4® Outdoor started with working with the ISA group at the beginning of this year in Prague. The interest was high and Alexander Stamenov invited Vicom4® Outdoor to carry out a live demonstration at the ISA plant in Horatev near Prague in the Czech Republicat the end of April.

In Horatev, ISA has established new production and assembly facilities for signs. With the support of Mr. George Smid of the ISA group, Vicom4® Outdoor demonstrated the capabilities of the HQ-concept at this facility. Leading figures from the Czech fuel retail and transport sector, attended at the live demonstration of the HQ-concept and saw the treatment of a wide range of corporate identity panels. This resulted in the transformation of very old and faded panels into positive , fresh brand statements.

As a result of the positive response from the customers and their staff , ISA took the opportunity to enlarge the services to its market by signing an agreement to become a Vicom4® Outdoor partner.